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Today I visit the Air France IAD Lounge at Washington Dulles International Airport. I am greeted by two nice girls at the counter and is immediately struck by a fresh feel as I step into the lounge. Kind receptionist Isabelle M. Bauvir explains that this particular lounge opened up in may 2010.

Edibles include tuna, ham, cheese or vegetarian sandwiches. Snacks and fruits are available, the apples individually wrapped in transparent plastics that gives them an unnatural but tasty looking lustre. You can also find fruit salad, pastries and cups containing small portions of rice pudding.

I am also glad to find cheese among the snacks. This means that even LCHF fanatics can enjoy a piece of snacks.

Coffee is dispensed by a “WMF Bistro!” automaton but at least the espresso leaves room for improvement. Not really agreeing with me on that point, patron O. Malm says: “It tastes good, and if you are fond of rice pudding, then I can recommend the one served at the Air France IAD lounge.”

Facilities include showers (towels can be borrowed without fee) but no resting areas. Instead first class ticket holders can enter an exclusive area of the lounge where lights can be dimmed on request. In this area a hot meal can be ordered by the select few granted access. Even though my ticket reads economy, Ms Bauvir is kind enough to let me have a peek.

A manned bar serves you stronger liquor. I reject the first couple of cognac suggestions but accepts a glass of Curvoisier. The soft sweet taste feels like cotton in my mouth.

Reading material is dominated by french magazines and encrypted WiFi is freely available. One thing I miss are power sockets. There are some sockets available in certain areas but none in others, eg the dining area. “Our parents raised us not to work while eating” , a member of the staff claims. I smile at this amusement and let my laptop continue drain its battery.

As I am about to leave, Ms Bauvir grants me one more favor by upgrading my seating. Thank you very much!

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6 Responses to “Air France IAD Lounge”

  1. Isa et steph Says:

    Mister M.J,
    We were delighted to welcome you at AF KLM lounge today.

    Isa & Steph
    Air France – KLM

  2. Mange Says:

    Thank you very much. I really enjoyed staying at the lounge. Please let me know if anything in the post is incorrect or if I missed something you think people would like to know about the lounge.


  3. vespa48 Says:

    WHERE is the lounge ????
    Terminal ?
    In between which and which gate ???

  4. Daniel Vinersar Says:

    I enjoyed reading and seeking the pictures of the new lounge, new for me. My family and I will be flying AF next month in the Premium Voyageur. Do you know what is the charge per person to access the AF lounge at IAD? The Air France did not have any information of how much will cost except a charge between $35 and $50 per person.
    Great blog on the lounge.

    Daniel V.

  5. Nick Says:

    I hope this might help regarding the questions around admission:

  6. Nick Says:

    Regarding the location, I recommend this map:

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