Sala Pau Casals at Barcelona [BCN]

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Barely visible behind a tall counter sits Sara to greet the guests of the Sala Pau Casals. The temperature is a bit too warm for my taste but probably comfortable to natives in Barcelona.

Aeroport del Prat means the airport on the field where Prat apparently is the name of the area which literally means plain or field.

Sara is a little bit shy and reluctant to have her picture taken but after a few tries I manage to get a non fuzzy one that will fit this review just perfectly.

One nice feature I haven´t seen before are real cosy rest places where you can lie down for a little nap. Nice!

Small bread rolls are served along with snacks such as chips and peanuts. Cold beverages can be found in the fridge. The coke is served in cute 250 ml mini cans.

I go grab a Cafe Cortado and a bottle of water and ask Sara if there are showers in the lounge. She says yes and immediately offers to rent me a towel in case I have none of my own. Nice!

Another nifty thing is the mobile charger station where you can lock up your cell phone in a small compartment containing the power outlet. There are different compartments for different types of phones. Very nice but obsolete once the micro-USB becomes the standard form factor of chargers. You can pay with one or two euro coins.

The stationary computers are really good with a splendid Vaio keyboard and a very sharp high resolution Vaio screen. Nice! Your internet session lasts for an hour and then you can request a new one.

The restrooms are adequate however not as clean as one had hoped. Male guests are dripping on the floor…

The small breadrolls are exchanged for cinnamon rolls and I just have to try the ginormous olives. I eat them “sole” but they are apparently meant for martini condiments. They taste good nonetheless.

I found apples! Nice!

Through the panorama window wall you have a great view of the runway where you can see planes land and take off. A television quite loudly shows Spanish news. The rest area is recommended for some peace and quiet.

Now its time for another Cafe Cortado and a cinnamon roll.

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