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If you have access to SAS Lounges and are traveling through Chicago O’Hare airport, Terminal 5, I would really recommend a stop at the SAS Business lounge. It’s definitely not one of the biggest lounges, but compared to the typical American lounges they serve both beer, wine and liquor, free of charge. The snacks aren’t bad either.

The best of all is if you are leaving Terminal 5 with a SAS flight, to for example Copenhagen, then you can wait in the lounge just until the last minute, as SAS uses the gate next to the lounge. You will be able to see when they start boarding the aircraft. Just grab a last beer and walk around the corner on to the aircraft, perfect. Wish there were more places like this, just relax and walk on to the aircraft.

You will find the lounge in Terminal 5 just by the gate M7. The rest of this Terminal is not really worth anything.

SAS Lounge at Terminal 5, Chicago O'Hare

SAS Lounge at Terminal 5, Chicago O'Hare

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  1. June Brasgalla Says:

    I am interested in knowing how to access the SAS lounge at O’Hare.
    I’m talking about a coach class ticket, paying a fee, etc.

    thank you.

  2. Nick Says:

    As far as I know access to SAS lounges can only be achieved with the correct ticket class, or as a gold member (which is a status earned through flights). I guess you are looking for a way to by access.

    The only other way I can image is being invited as a guest to a gold member as they are allowed to bring guests.

    Their might be another of the Star alliance airlines companies that have other rules that might allow you to by a gold membership that will give you access to SAS lounges as well.

    SAS Lounge access info could be found here:


  3. Jodi and Christiaan Says:

    Does any one have any UPDATED info for this lounge? we are flying to Coppenhagen week after Labor Day..any information will be greatly appreciated…

  4. Jodi and Christiaan Says:

    Also is there WIFI in this lounge ?????is there a charge ???

  5. Nick Says:

    Hi Jodi and Christiaan

    I haven’t been to the O’Hare airport for a while. But I was there about a year ago, and everything was pretty much the same then. I can’t remember if SAS provided WiFi access. I’m pretty sure that they had WiFi coverage, but not sure if you had to pay for it or now. They have computers otherwise, which you could use for free.

    For a list of all SAS lounges and location check out this:

    The only information datasheet I can find from SAS about this lounge is this one, but it do not mention anything about WiFi:

    Good luck with your trip.

  6. Mikael Says:

    I was at the ORD lounge 2 months ago.

    Free WiFi but it was SLOW. No food except a few cookies. Free beer + spirits.

    The lounge was completely full – usually the case before the evening flight to Copenhagen.

  7. George Johnson Says:

    My wife & I are traveling executive coach level SAS airline to Stockholm from O’Hare. She is re-
    covering well from hip surgery. How can we purchase entry into the SAS lounge.

    Thank for any information on this matter.

    Two senior citizens

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