Diners lounge have had a face-lift

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I haven’t been on the Diners lounge in Copenhagen airport for quite a while, mostly because of the gold card I have in Star Alliance, which have given me what I need when traveling. But this journey I was in hurry and the closest lounge was the Diners lounge in Copenhagen. So I thought I pop by to see if they still were offering both beer, wine and hard liquor.

And actually they still did. But the whole lounge had got a little bit of a face-lift. The old chairs and quite boring look had been refurbished into something much more fresh. Of course the premises were still the same, which means a quite long and narrow room, but they could still offer what everyone need if being a little bit thirsty. So if you have access to the Diners lounge and want something to drink in the transit hall, between pier A and pier B, then this is an okay place.

I only had time for a single beer this time, but I could have stayed there for a couple of more drinks.

Diners Lounge Cph

Diners Lounge Cph

Diners Lounge CPh

Diners Lounge CPh

Leaving for Madrid…

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I woke up this morning, slightly late, looking forward to a short business trip to Madrid, at least short from a distance perspective. My route was based on a train journey from Linköping to Stockholm, then to catch a flight to Copenhagen and transfer in Copenhagen to a flight to Madrid, pretty simple. Well, it didn’t start out that good.

My first mistake was trying to change my train ticket in the last minute. I noticed that our travel agency didn’t book the kind of ticket they was suppose to do. So I called them up about 15 minutes before the train was about to leave, and asked them to change the ticket. The finally did, and I picked up a new ticket in the machine at the train station.

The train to Stockholm was 30 minutes late before even leaving Linköping, and this was just the beginning. When the train finally arrived, 30 minutes late I was freezing after having waited outside in 2 degrees Celsius. I got on the train and was looking forward for a nice ride up to Stockholm, spent with a book. Unfortunetly it turned out to be someone already occupying my seat. I thought he was on the wrong seat, but it turned out that the travel agency re-booked my ticket to the wrong date; my new train ticket was for tomorrow.  Well, not much to do, just to try to find an emtpy seat, which wasn’t possible. I spoke to the personnel on the train, explained the situation, and it turned out to be a fully booked train, so guess what, I had to spend my time in the train restaurant. Not what I was planning. 

Before even getting to the next train station, in Norrköping, we had increased the delay with about 20 minutes. Well this kept happening during the whole journey, up to the situation where the train was 1 hour and 20 minutes late. I was quite bored of drinking coffee and trying to read in a crowded train resturant by the time the train got to Stockholm central station.

Well, I managed to catch a train just 15 minutes later to Arlanda. Checked in and exchanged some money in a hurry, just to be able to get some breakfast at the SAS lounge. The had some really good salmon, which did make the day slightly better. Got me some drinks as well, and then about an hour later I cught the flight to Copenhagen. This went without any bigger problems. FInally I Copenhagen I didn’t have much of time to do something, but I hate to wait, so instead I run by the Diners lounge, which was the closest one. Got me a beer and the straight back, had about 30 minutes in between the flights.

Got on the flight to Madrid, which was with Spainair, not my favourite. The flight was really boring, and it takes almost three hours. The weather in Madrid was poor, so on the way in to Madrid airport we caught some turbulence, which was really bad. The plane was going back and forth, up and down. The pilot was on the way to touch down with the plane when we it caught a really bad side wind, and just with like 20 meters before touching down he had to interrupt the landing and put the enginees on max just to avoid hitting the ground with one of the wings. The plane went very steep back up again in the sky, and we had to make another try, which took about 30 minutes. This time it went better, eventhough it didn’t feel like the pilot had much of margins this time either. This was one of the few times I have heard the crowd cheer and applaud a landing.

Well, after all I got there eventhough it was not a short trip and not an easy one either.

Chicago O’Hare – SAS Lounge Terminal 5

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If you have access to SAS Lounges and are traveling through Chicago O’Hare airport, Terminal 5, I would really recommend a stop at the SAS Business lounge. It’s definitely not one of the biggest lounges, but compared to the typical American lounges they serve both beer, wine and liquor, free of charge. The snacks aren’t bad either.

The best of all is if you are leaving Terminal 5 with a SAS flight, to for example Copenhagen, then you can wait in the lounge just until the last minute, as SAS uses the gate next to the lounge. You will be able to see when they start boarding the aircraft. Just grab a last beer and walk around the corner on to the aircraft, perfect. Wish there were more places like this, just relax and walk on to the aircraft.

You will find the lounge in Terminal 5 just by the gate M7. The rest of this Terminal is not really worth anything.

SAS Lounge at Terminal 5, Chicago O'Hare

SAS Lounge at Terminal 5, Chicago O'Hare

For everyone looking for a SAS lounge

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I’m being a Swede quite often travel with SAS. I remember trying to find a list of SAS lounges at the time, which at that time wasn’t easy. Today SAS have a list on their web page, and for those interested, who might have looked for it as I did, it can be found here:


LifeAtAnAirportLounge.com is launched…

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Welcome everyone,

Finally this page has been launched, after years of talking about setting up a web page to share stories about airports, airport lounges and airlines. Well, here it is.

We hope to be able to provide some interesting stories, as well as some facts about airports and lounges that could be of use for you who travel.