Chicago O’Hare – SAS Lounge Terminal 5

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If you have access to SAS Lounges and are traveling through Chicago O’Hare airport, Terminal 5, I would really recommend a stop at the SAS Business lounge. It’s definitely not one of the biggest lounges, but compared to the typical American lounges they serve both beer, wine and liquor, free of charge. The snacks aren’t bad either.

The best of all is if you are leaving Terminal 5 with a SAS flight, to for example Copenhagen, then you can wait in the lounge just until the last minute, as SAS uses the gate next to the lounge. You will be able to see when they start boarding the aircraft. Just grab a last beer and walk around the corner on to the aircraft, perfect. Wish there were more places like this, just relax and walk on to the aircraft.

You will find the lounge in Terminal 5 just by the gate M7. The rest of this Terminal is not really worth anything.

SAS Lounge at Terminal 5, Chicago O'Hare

SAS Lounge at Terminal 5, Chicago O'Hare

For everyone looking for a SAS lounge

Author: Nick  |  Category: Lounges, SAS Lounges

I’m being a Swede quite often travel with SAS. I remember trying to find a list of SAS lounges at the time, which at that time wasn’t easy. Today SAS have a list on their web page, and for those interested, who might have looked for it as I did, it can be found here: